Here's what our happy patients are saying about Placerville Chiropractic

“While a student at USC I suffered a sports related injury. The doctor said I had arthritis and would never be the same. Dr. Moore successfully treated me and now I am pain free and whole again.”

-Bob Mahoney

“I am an aerobics and strength training instructor, teach 8 to 12 classes per week and watch my diet closely. However I couldn’t lose weight from my mid-section. After Dr. Moore identified my hormonal imbalance, for the first time I’m losing belly fat, my moods are better and I do not crave carbohydrates.”

-Bertha Duarte de Porta

“I started seeing Dr. Moore approximately 1 year ago. My pain has been reduced tremendously. I am actually getting my arthritic joints and muscles feeling much much better. And I am out of pain! Just keep coming back y’all!”

-Gail Anne Van Kirk

“My name is Rudy. I came with a sciatica problem and also my shoulder was hurting a lot. I feel a lot looser and a lot better. Ready to walk!


“Since I have seen Dr. Moore and received cold laser therapy and chiropractic care on my arthritic fingers, especially the middle one, my pain has reduced by at least 80% and the size of the nodules, especially the middle, have reduced substantially. I can now use my hands for normal household tasks which I could not do before. I would highly recommend Dr. Moore.”

-Agnes Fehr

-Manuel Flores